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Psalm 78:4

Tell to the generation to come, the praises of the Lord, and His strength and His wondrous works that he has done.

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The Maggie's Rainbowstm series!
See our Maggie's Rainbows Page

We Make and Sell Professional Puppets!
 We make puppets of all descriptions.In addition to performing puppet and clown ministry, we sell a wide range of puppets, stages, music, scripts and accessories. Many of our products are shown in our catalog but every puppet character is individually customized for you. 
Since we have designed our puppets and use them in our own ministry, we have learned how to make a "better" puppet. We incorporate features in our puppets that give you better control, make them more comfortable and easier to use. An example is our exclusive gripper mouth. It doesn't bite but it will keep the puppet from sliding off your hand! It doesn't stop there! Your puppet is prayed over for God's will to be accomplished through the use of these instruments.
Our "puppet catalog" is a good place to start if you are interested in ordering a puppet.  
Our puppets are designed so you can change their clothing and you can buy clothing that fits at your local clothing stores. Of course, we would be glad to help you with parts and accessories if you want to make your own puppets or clothes. See our "Make it Yourself" on the catalog page for details. 
We are also a distributor for Sunny and Company and Folkmanis puppets. Our Sunny Company and Folkmanis catalogs are now available from our ebay store.

Need a Puppet Stage?
We make puppet stages in many sizes. Puppet stages can be ordered as parts to build your own or customized.
We also supply modular stages for performing puppet shows. Our unique design allows the puppet stage to be broken down for shipping then quickly assembled for the show. They are very stable and won't come crashing down if you bump them! You can start small and as your needs increase, you can add to the size of the stage by just adding more parts.  Please contact us for more information.

Help Me Get Started!

If you want to get started and don't know how, we offer a starter kit. It has just about everything you need including some puppets, a stage, skits to use, background music and even kneeling pads for your knees! We'll be adding more information for these kits in the near future. We offer music and scripts for different themes and you can use them as they are or add your own content to them. See our Puppet Music & Puppet Scripts links in our ebay store for more information. 

Have Trailer - Will Travel!
Have Trailer - Will Travel; Our puppet shows are portable and we are willing to bring them to you!
Based near Savannah, Georgia, we have traveled over most of the United States teaching at Christian conferences and performing shows. We hold seminars, do puppet shows, conduct workshops and participate in parades. We're willing to discuss other activities that make use of our services as well so if you have an idea you would like to discuss, contact us and we'll consider it!
Our "Puppet Shows" balloon will tell you more about our shows and our "Scrap Book" balloon includes newsletters and a photo album from some events. Click on the trailer (above) to read our "Trailer Story", an interesting tale about how the Lord provided for our needs..
We have taught hundreds of missionaries to become puppeteers and they have served God throughout the world. Our "Training" balloon will tell you what we offer and how you can use our training services. 

We Do Clowning Too!
We love to perform as clowns. If you have read our "About Us" section, you will realize Clowning is how we got started. We perform at parties, events, weddings and corporate events. We can perform individually or we can call on our experienced friends and provide up to 10 clowns! We have a blast and so will you!
To learn more about our Clowning and see some of our friends, select our Clowning Around balloon.

We host Clown Birthday Parties!
We do Clown birthday parties in your home or at the Ice Cream ClubKingdom Karactors would be glad to host your child's birthday party for you. We come to your home.  We'll provide all the entertainment and your child will be the center of attention. We love doing these parties and we have as much fun as the children! If you prefer to have the party at a different location, we have made special arrangements with the Ice Cream Club to host parties there. See our Birthday Parties page for additional information.
We also do clown delivery services and host other types of parties so if you have something in mind, give us a call and we'll see if we can dream up something for your special event. See our contact page for information.

Saturday Morning Alive!As a service to our community, we host a clown and puppet show at Brewton Parker College Auditorium in Hinesville, GA. It's geared to the K - 5 grade children but everyone that attends has fun. We call it Saturday Morning Alive and it IS lively! It's free and we normally meet the 2nd Saturday of each month. To see more images from the show and to learn more about it, please select our SMA link.

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